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      2. Automatic packing machine

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        ZXJ-4 High speed automatic packing machine



        1, supporting yujie intelligent plastic vacuum machine, replace the human tooling cycle to achieve unmanned operation of the full automatic production line.

        2, efficient 4 station design, packing work speed choice! A four effect yield up to 1200 bales/h.


        3, the use of pneumatic electric control, simple structure, reasonable furnace simple, small equipment volume occupies little space.

        4. The positioning adopts servo system, which has the advantages of fast moving speed, low running speed and high positioning accuracy.

        5, the use of Chinese touch screen, Siemens programmable controller, simple operation.

        Technical parameters:

        Packing range: 2~10kg (vacuum packing size has certain requirements)

        Packing speed: 1000-1200 packages/h

        Vacuum chuck: -0.0Mp~-0.7Mp (adjustable)

        Power and consumption: AC380V 50HZ 2.5kw

        Air source and consumption: 0.5mpa 2M3/h

        Installation size (mm) : 3190×1789×2746

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