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      2. Automatic packing machine

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        ZXJ-3 High speed automatic packing machine


        1, supporting zijie intelligent plastic vacuum machine, instead of artificial packing, to achieve unmanned operation of the full automatic production line.

        2. Efficient three-station design, fast working speed of packing, achieving the output of one out of three up to 800 packages/hour.

        3, the use of pneumatic electric control, simple structure, reasonable maintenance is simple, small equipment volume occupies small space.

        4. Chinese touch screen display, Siemens integrated controller, simple operation.

        Technical parameters:

        Packing range: 2-5kg (vacuum packing size is required)

        Packing speed: 700-800 packages/h

        Vacuum chuck: -0.0Mp~-0.7Mp (adjustable)

        Power and consumption: AC380V 50Hz 2.5kw

        Air source and consumption: 0.5mpa 4M3/h

        Installation size (mm) : 1860×1450×1766

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