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      2. Six-side shaping vacuum packaging machine

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        DCS-5F75A six side automatic shaping vacuum packaging machine

        It is suitable for quantitative vacuum packaging of particulate matter in rice, grains, food and other industries

        Functional features:

        1. Equipped with automatic bagging manipulator to realize full-automatic vacuum shaping packaging, weighing, bagging and six sides

        2. Automatic control of the whole process of shaping, vacuumizing, heat sealing, unloading and finished product transportation. Double position bagging, double position vacuum shaping design, rotating vertical bag delivering mechanism, vacuum packaging work Speed is fast.

        3. Tolerant plastic mechanism, suitable for thick and thin shape packaging, with good plastic effect and large packaging range.

        4. High precision alloy steel sensor, pneumatic and vibration feeding mechanism are adopted, with fast weighing speed and fine packaging High degree.

        5. It adopts Chinese display touch screen, Siemens PLC, touch screen intelligent weighing module.

        Technical parameters:

        Packing range: 0.25~5kg

        Packing speed: 700-800 packages/h

        Packaging error: 2~5g

        Power consumption: AC380V 50HZ 2.5kw

        Air source requirements: 0.6mpa 4m3/h

        Dimensions: length 2440* width 2445* Jane 2908 (mm)

        Vacuum degree (MPa) : -0.07-0 (adjustable)

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