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               Fujian yujie automation technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of industrial measurement, packaging and control systems. After more than ten years of technological innovation and continuous development, the company has a strong technical force, has a high-quality scientific research team. The company has three design departments and five production workshops, has formed from mechanical design, electronic design, software development, mechanical processing, instrument production, sheet metal processing, mechanical assembly, electronic assembly one-stop manufacturers.

              The company adopts advanced mechatronic design to automatically realize the automatic weighing, bagging, filling, six-sided shaping, vacuuming, heat sealing, bag-unloading and finished product conveying. With large output, wide packaging range and packaging products beautiful appearance characteristics, in the leading position in China, favored by the majority of users.

              Yu jie to "accurate need professional, professional need dedication" corporate culture concept to train and bring up high-quality staff, the company adhering to the achievement of customers, benefit employees, dedication to the purpose of the society forge ahead, to provide first-class products for customers, sincere service.

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